Halo Infinite: OpTic dominates Orlando Major 2022

For Optical games the trip to Orlando in the US state of Florida was successful: the team won the major there as part of the Halo Championship Series (HCS) recorded an extremely strong run in 2022 – at the end of which the trophy awaited. In addition to the cup, fame and glory, the USA team secured a winner’s purse worth around 140,000 euros.

Perhaps more important than all that, the win gives the team immense confidence heading into the World Cup in Seattle, Washington, scheduled for October 2022.

Victory over competitor Cloud9

The quartet in black and green jerseys only lost two maps throughout the final round: only eUnited and Cloud9 were able to take a round off OpTic. In the HCS 2022, Cloud9 was considered one of the most successful teams ever, winning the kick-off major at the start of the season, the North America Regionals, where they prevailed against OpTic in the finals, and placed second achieved in the Kansas City. Major.

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OpTic, on the other hand, picked up steam at the North America Super in August, beating Cloud9 in the playoffs. Now the revenge for the final defeat at the Regionals at the beginning of the year has been completed – and with a final score of 4-1, the message could not be clearer: OpTic Gaming is in top form for the World Championship from October 20 to 20 . 23rd, 2022. There is a prize pool of approximately one million euros at stake.

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It wasn’t exactly sunny for European teams in the Sunshine State: Natus Vincere (NAVI) with German pro Robert “Kimbo” Faulk did best with a place among the top-12. The French team of Quadrant, the eSports team of Formula 1 driver Lando Norris, just made the top 20.

At the World Championship, teams from outside North America are not expected to have a realistic chance of winning the title – Halo Infinite remains a discipline that primarily attracts talent from North America.



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