The graphics of Halo Infinite is it flat? Apparently this is a judgment expressed by several users who attended the presentation of the game coming out on Xbox Series X, but just a filter to improve it substantially.

The colteastwood youtuber has indeed taken the Halo Infinite gameplay video, of course in version a 4K e 60 fps, and applied a post-processing effect to adjust its contrast, colors and balance of shadows and lights. You can see the result below.

“I took the Halo Infinite video at 4K and 60 fps and used an effect from the Lumentri suite to adjust the levels, color, contrast and balance of shadows and lights,” wrote Colteastwood.

“It took just five minutes, but apparently it’s a process that falls under the pipeline that 343 Industries will perform ahead of the game’s launch this fall. “In short, the developers were already planning to apply such adjustments.

“The texture and other graphics still need improvement, but I talked to the Xbox marketing department about it and they told me that 343 Industris will continue to work on it every week for the next four months. “

In short, it is assumed that at the time of the debut the graphics of Halo Infinite will be substantially better than the gameplay demo that ran on PC during the event organized by Microsoft.

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