Again, the Xboxpope user returns to the fray to put long teeth on Microsoft players with new special editions of Xbox Series X.

Last Thursday July 23thAs you will remember, the Microsoft event called Xbox Showcase, during which a good number of games were presented for the two Xbox consoles: Xbox One y Xbox Series X. But of among all the games, there were some who they stood out a little among the others.

On the one hand, the gameplay of the new Halo game, Halo Infinite, was shown for the first time, which was confirmed to be moving on a PC. On the other, and with a very short trailer, the development of the new Fable game was confirmed. It is very curious, since with Halo this started Xbox Showcase, and with Fable he said goodbye.

We already talk to you from time to time about XboxPope, a Twitter user who has created – and continues to do so – Xbox Series X special editions with different games and sagas of Microsoft. On the 23rd, he announced that since it was a special day, he was presenting his Xbox Series X edition of Halo. What’s more, as it caused a sensation, they asked him about a possible blue light in honor of Cortana, but he said: “Why a blue light that can have everything blue?”.

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But as we have already said that this is not Halo only since Fable He is also one more protagonist, here you have it. They asked him, when presenting this Xbox Series X Halo Edition for one of Fable, to which he replied that he had already designed one a while ago, showing it in a tweet.

As a bonus, we tell you that he has also designed an Xbox Series X Perfect Dark edition. In view of the rumors that continue to emerge around the Xbox 360 game return; and, although they deny that the new Fable and Perfect Dark accounts on Twitter are not for future announcements, Fable’s turned out to be.

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¿What do you think about these special editions of Xbox Series X?