Halftime in the Wolfratshausen city council – Spokesman in an interview: Focus on the old town and clinic

Halftime in the Wolfratshausen city council – Spokesman in an interview: Focus on the old town and clinic

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Von: Dominic Stallein


Wolfratshausen Town Hall

The current City Council has been in office for three years. We asked all represented parties for an interview. © Hans Lippert

At half-time in the city council, the speakers of the parties have their say in our newspaper. This time the citizens’ association with its parliamentary group spokesman Josef Praller.

City councilors have three years in office. They still have three years ahead of them. Halfway through our newspaper sent all party spokesmen the same questions. They had equal space for each answer. Today it is Josef Praller’s turn – chairman of the parliamentary group of the citizens’ association, which is represented by one woman and four men on the city council.

Josef Praller Chairman of the BVW parliamentary group in the city council

Josef Praller, chairman of the BVW parliamentary group in the city council © BVW/Privat

Mr. Praller, what three things are you proud of three years after your election?

Joseph Praller: We are pleased that Untermarkt 10 with the local history museum, tourist information and trade has been completed, and that the former Isar department store now shines in new splendor. Despite all the crises – pandemic, energy crisis and inflation – Wolfratshausen can start the year 2023 with a balanced budget, without taking on debt or raising taxes. And we’re also particularly excited to be able to offer the River Festival and Ice Age after the popular crowd-pleaser Iloga.

How many campaign promises have you kept?

Joseph Praller: One of our first goals was the establishment of a senior citizen representation to represent the interests of older fellow citizens, and the associated conceptual development of the small property. As part of the decisions to renovate and expand the elementary and middle school, we made a particular effort to build a teaching pool. In addition, we have supported the expansion of solar panels on the roofs of city-owned buildings.

The city needs to save. Where does it hurt the most?

Joseph Praller: The Ukraine conflict and the ensuing energy crisis have forced us to review income and expenditure in the administrative budget. It was particularly painful for us to have to reduce the grants to the voluntary organizations and associations. We hope that the budget will stabilize in the coming years in such a way that the volunteers will once again receive the financial recognition that corresponds to their work.

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How do you rate the atmosphere in the work of the city council?

Joseph Praller: The cooperation is constructive and critical at the same time, which is reflected in many decisions made with a large majority. However, we very much regret that majority decisions are not always accepted. In our view, they are a democratic form of expression of political will by the entire body and should be fully respected and embraced by all.

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Purely hypothetically: the city gets 100,000 euros as a gift – with the condition that it is spent immediately. What would you do with the money?

Joseph Praller: We don’t have to think long about it: We would immediately give the money to the Wolfratshausen associations and voluntary organizations.

The term of office lasts three years. What else do you definitely want to implement?

Joseph Praller: We will fight to keep the district clinic as the most important health facility in Wolfratshausen with its specialist departments, especially gynecology and obstetrics. We would also like to take a significant step forward in upgrading the old town and create additional parking spaces near the old town in preparation for its redesign. It would also be very important to us to be able to start redesigning the Loisach west bank.

Most recently, the spokeswoman for the CSU parliamentary group, Claudia Drexl-Weile, spoke in our half-time interview

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