Haiti: the Government urgently requested the dispatch of an international force to combat the armed gangs

He requested it last October and it still hasn’t come true. “There is no more time to waste, the security situation could worsen any day.”

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Haiti warned this Tuesday that it cannot continue waiting for the shipment to the country of ainternational armed force to fight thearmed gangsan operation that he requested last October and that still has not come true.

“There is no more time to lose, the security situation could worsen any day”assured the Haitian ambassador before the UN Security Council during a meeting on the crisis in his country.

The diplomat insisted that it is “more necessary and urgent than ever” to have a short-term solution to restore security in Haiti and once again called for the immediate dispatch of that international mission to help the National Police against gangs.

This operation was officially requested last October by the Haitian government and supported by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, who proposed establishing a “rapid action force” made up of soldiers from one or several countries and not under the UN flag.

However, the project so far has not crystallized failure to find a State willing to lead it, according to diplomatic sources.

United States and Canada They have promoted talks on this issue, but so far they have shown no intention of leading the operation, according to those same sources.

In this Tuesday’s session, both countries underlined the need to support haiti and they showed their willingness to help, but they did not say anything concrete about their possible role in that mission.

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On behalf of the UN, the organization’s representative for the country, Helen La Lime, He made it clear that without this international armed deployment, the small advances that have been seen recently in Haiti will not be of much use.

La Lime was referring mainly to the agreement reached in December between political forces to carry out atransition process and general elections, a compromise welcomed by members of the Security Council.

The Haitian ambassador, in any case, stressed that without restoring security in the country there will be no acceptable elections nor will institutional normality be recovered.

According to data compiled by the UN, gang violence reached levels not seen in decades by 2022, with a sharp increase in homicides, to a total of 2,183, and 1,359 kidnappings, more than double the previous year.

Wars between armed groups have ripped through neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince, with snipers shooting men, women and children from rooftops, and continueds reports of sexual assaultss, a tactic that is being used to sow fear and destroy the social fabric, according to the UN.



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