Hailstorms are coming! Flooding warning – weather

Severe weather alarm on Saturday in Austria! Heavy hailstorms are on the approach, warnings are given about local flooding.

A high altitude low moves from eastern France to the eastern Alps on Saturday and controls humid and thunderstorm-prone air to Austria. The thunderstorms can lead to hail and, above all, torrential rain with local flooding.

Although a few clouds move through from the start, the sun comes into play everywhere in the morning. It stays sunny longer, especially to the east and in the flatlands.

Austria is heading for a low altitude.uwz.at

As the height of the valley approaches from the west, however, the thunderstorm tendency in the mountainous region increases rapidly at noon. In some places there are violent thunderstorms with hail and heavy rain. Since the thunderstorms move slowly, large amounts of rain come together at certain points and there is a risk of mudslides and flooding. From the late afternoon onwards, thunderstorms become more and more common in the lowlands, it only stays dry in the far east from the Weinviertel to Lake Neusiedl and here it gets hot with up to 30 degrees.

Current severe weather warnings
Current severe weather warningsuwz.at
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