Hailey Bieber responds to rumor of separation


Justin Bieber’s wife reacted after a surprising video made a big buzz on the Web.

Last weekend in Las Vegas, Justin Bieber was filmed leaving a party yelling at his wife. Since then, the video, which lasts only a few seconds, has been around the Internet and fueled the crazy rumor of a separation between Hailey and the singer who released the album “Justice” in March 2021.


Rest assured, the couple is not in crisis. Hailey responded to the rumor in an Instagram story and her post couldn’t be clearer: “I remember how amazing the last weekend was. I had a great time filled with a lot of love. All the other rumors circulating are beyond the false. Don’t eat that bullshit, ”she wrote below an adorable image of a kiss exchange with Justin. This is not the first time that the model has reacted to a rumor concerning her. In November 2020, on social networks, she denied being pregnant as a magazine claimed.


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