Hackers take over multiple high-level player accounts in FIFA 22


EA has confirmed that high-level accounts of several FIFA 22 players were recently hijacked in phishing attacks against EA Support. The company wrote on the official FIFA 22 website that it is currently working on recovering hacked accounts, of which it estimates there are “less than 50”, and returning them to their owners. EA also confirmed that the attackers were targeting the accounts of high-level players, and the attack was not directed at the players themselves, but at EA’s customer support.

“During the initial investigation, we can confirm that a number of accounts have been compromised using phishing technologies,” the update says. “Using threats and other ‘social engineering’ techniques, attackers were able to exploit the human element on our customer service team and bypass two-factor authentication to gain access to player accounts.”

EA plans to add additional steps to its internal user account verification processes and is providing additional training to help EA consultants better recognize and deal with such attacks. The company notes that while some of these changes “may affect customer wait times, these are additional steps necessary to keep our player accounts secure.”



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