In a video posted on YouTube on Saturday, the hacker collective Anonymous is targeting Tesla boss Elon Musk. According to the hackers, the South African CEO is manipulating the prices of cryptocurrencies, making him… ‘lives destroyed’. They let Musk know that his game is now over: “You have found your match. We are coming after you.” More about this in the AD.

According to Anonymous, Musk is pretending to be more social than he actually is. He’s made a good impression with his electric cars and trips to the moon, but the Tesla boss is actually a ‘narcissistic rich guy desperate for attention’. Musk’s motivation to save the world would be based more on ‘sense of superiority and the savior complex’ than genuine concern for the environment and humanity. For example, Musk has no objection whatsoever to buying ores and other raw materials for his companies in countries with dictatorial regimes where child labor is considered normal.