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Antoine Clerat13/03/2023 08h47  |  MIS À JOUR LE 12/03/2023 À 23h04

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    Galtier strong with the weak and weak with the strong

    The PSG coach has a surprising way of managing his group after a defeat.

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    Galtier can breathe

    The Parisian coach has admitted that there is no longer any sword of Damocles hanging over his head following the success against OM.

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    Christophe Galtier should remain PSG coach

    Despite the elimination in C1, “Galette” is on track to continue his mission as coach of the capital team.

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    Habib Beye very severe with PSG

    The Red Star coach points out the shortcomings at the neighboring club of PSG.

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    Verratti takes it for his rank after his failed match at Bayern

    The Italian midfielder faces harsh criticism after his missed match on German soil.

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    Verratti “does not learn from his mistakes”

    The incorrigible Verratti has again failed with PSG.

Canal + columnist Habib Beye was particularly upset on Sunday because of what is happening at PSG.

Definitely, the Parisians have not finished wiping the criticism after their new elimination from the stage of the 8th of the Champions League. The champions of France are heckled because of the disorder that reigns within them. A disorder that perfectly personified Habib Beye, Sunday during an intervention on Canal Football Club.

Sport Beye questions Galtier’s honesty

The Franco-Senegalese attacked both Marco Verratti and Christophe Galtier. He criticizes the first for being disappointing on the pitch, and the second for defending him and continuing to establish him at all costs. “Today, when I hear that Bithsiabu is responsible for the goal taken by PSG while the responsibility is 2000% for Verratti… It’s been like that for ten years. Since 2012, it has not progressed one iota. So I tell myself either he (Galtier) is not telling the truth or he is being manipulated so as not to hit the players who are untouchable ”, he blurted furiously.

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The Red Star manager thinks that Galtier cannot oppose his hierarchy. In his eyes, the only one who could do it in Paris is Thomas Tuchel and we did everything to scuttle him. “The project should not be Messi, Mbappé and Verratti. It’s empowering a coach. When Thomas Tuchel began to have this power, it was taken from him. Leonardo wanted to establish his authority. Who decides the team today? We didn’t give someone the power to question Messi. In this case you can bring any coach, it will not work”.

#CFC ⚽️ – 🗣 “Marco Verratti hasn’t progressed for 10 years! »

👉 In the CFC, @BeyeHabib returned to the failure of PSG in Munich and points to the responsibility of the Italian midfielder 🇮🇹 pic.twitter.com/jN9r671eNN

– CANAL + SPORT Africa (@cplussportafr) March 12, 2023

Finally, Beye underlined the error that the QSI makes by basing its policy on the extra-sporting: “The failure in the Champions League was more or less announced, in the construction of the workforce. We talked about the institution, the workforce, but there is also the state of mind and identity. No one questions the quality of the workforce per se, but the institution does not control the project. There is an inconsistency there.”

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