Gynecologists fear anti-abortion campaigns

Where are you going, doctor?

In Germany, the number of doctors who perform abortions is falling. Our author set out to find the reasons. Many gynecologists are afraid of anti-abortion campaigns.

Amy Coney Barrett is to become the new judge at the Supreme Court on the proposal of American President Donald Trump. The nomination of the conservative Catholic and mother of seven has heated emotions, largely because of Barrett’s adopted attitude towards abortion. Part of American society sees it as the possible tip on the scales in order to curtail the (criminal) free decision about an abortion in the future. The other part is hoping for legal interpretations in the sense of Pro-LifeMovement that aims to make it more difficult to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

Social dissent over abortion is less intense in Germany than in the United States. And yet the topic is always an issue for us to discuss. In recent years, it has often been about the number of doctors willing to perform the procedure. Because it is declining. So massive in comparison to the beginning of the two thousand years that some people ask whether there are still enough.


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