Gwendoline Christie returns to Star Wars as Captain Phasma

Actress Gwendoline Christie reveals her excitement at being back in Star Wars as Captain Phasma.

Gwendoline Christie became world famous for playing Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones of HBO Max. She then she was the one in charge of being under the helmet of Captain Phasma, an underutilized character from the new movie trilogy. In addition, he repeated lending his voice to the animated series Star Wars: The Resistance of 2018.

Now, Gwendoline Christie is triumphing as Lucifer in the series The Sandman that just premiered in Netflix and we will also see it as Larissa Weems in Wednesday the program based on The Adams Family.

In a recent interview with EOthe actress has revealed that she has not read the comics of Marvel from Captain Phasma but who is always willing to play the character:

“I haven’t read the comics, but I mean…it’s Star Wars! I’d love to. There was a template for a character that people were very excited about.”

That’s why Gwendoline Christieis excited to return to Star Warssince he will play his character in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

“This is the next big step for me. Because when she was a teenager she was pretty obsessed with computer games and she was pretty good at them. I think it’s time to revisit them because they might be everything I had initially wanted. There are whole worlds out there where we can investigate our megalomania!”

Character details:

Gwendoline Christie plays a human from the planet Parnassus. She was part of a small clan with her brother Kelda who were dedicated to searching for protection equipment and crashed ships to obtain weapons and supplies. Everything changed when she met Hux and joined the first order to get off your planet. Phasma she became Assault Captain and was in charge of the security of the Base Starkiller. Although she was caught by Finn, Han Solo y Chewbaccaforcing her to lower her shields so that the ships of the resistance they could attack. She ended up in a trash compactor, but she survived that and the base explosion.

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Later, he reappeared on the ship Supremacy and faced again Finnbut she fell into the fire and we already consider her dead.

The movies and series in which it appears Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma can be enjoyed on the platform Disney Plus.



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