Guy Forget looks back on Roger Federer’s package at Roland Garros: “To sue him for lack of respect or calculation, it’s unfair”

“Have you considered retaining all or part of Roger Federer’s prize money, as allowed by the Grand Slam regulations, in the case of an unmotivated package, during the tournament?
Not at all. I saw, without going looking for them, the excessive comments, following the announcement of its withdrawal, but on social networks, you hear anything and everything. You see people who are totally disproportionately virulent towards Roger and others who completely understand. He retired, which he had never done in a Grand Slam. To put him on trial for lack of respect or calculation is unfair, I am convinced that it is not that. Yesterday (Sunday), he went to the doping control, compulsory when you retire, he went to the medical service, he saw the referee, he signed a document, where it is indicated that his knee is the reason for his forfeit . The reality is that Roger was not fit to play the next game.


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