Gustavo Adolfo Infante assures that Yrma Lydya was sold by her mother

Following the tragic death of Yrma Lydya, Gustavo Adolfo Infante He spoke about this unfortunate issue and gave controversial statements about the deceased today, for which he caused controversy on social networks

during the program ‘The sun rises’the journalist revealed that Carlos Quinonesowner of the station ‘Radio 13’, was a couple of the singer and even indicated that the deceased was unfaithful to him and that he even stole some belongings.

Suddenly, when they finished, because she cheated on Carlos Quiñones, Carlos told him ‘then leave the house, I’m going, take your things, leave the house, I’ll be back right now, I’m going to work’, he stole all her things, suits, watches and others, she emptied Carlos’s house, while Carlos returned, then there was already a criminal lawsuit against her “, express.

However, the presenter also supported his remarks in a live broadcast, where he also indicated that María Jiménez, mother of Yrma Lydia”sold” to your daughter: “She (Yrma Lydya), this girl, they were offering her, her mother was offering her, she was selling her, I heard it.”

He also mentioned that he had contact with Yrma Lydya and, although he admitted that “the girl sang very well”assured that the singer “He had reports of theft.”

This is what Gustavo Adolfo Infante said:

As a result of what Infante said, opinions on social networks were divided, as some said that the controversial journalist’s statements were not relevant in the murder of Yrma Lydia, while others criticized the parents for “destroy” her daughter’s life.

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“It is said that they had already sold twice as a young girl”, “they are to blame for being ambitious”, “this girl’s parents were offering her to powerful men”, nothing justifies someone killing someone, I don’t understand”, ” what kind, why does he talk about people who can’t defend themselves”; are some comments that could be read on the internet.

On June 23, Yrma Lydya died in the “Suntory” restaurant, located in Mexico City, allegedly at the hands of her husband, who had shot her three times inside the place and who is currently being investigated.

It is said that the singer suffered domestic violence



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