Gurgel tests will soon be available in the second federal state – Upper Austria

Starting next week, after Vienna, there will now also be free PCR gargle tests in another federal state. The start is in three districts.

After Vienna, Upper Austria is the second federal state to offer PCR gargle tests. According to the state of Upper Austria, it will start next week. It starts with the districts of Linz (start 19.7), Gmunden (2.8) and Vöcklabruck (2.8). The tests (with barcode system) are free for all citizens via the homepage The federal government bears the costs.

A pilot phase is to test how well the “everything gurgles” concept is accepted by the population. A rollout to the whole of Upper Austria is conceivable if the response is good.

Collection from BIPA branches

The tests can be picked up in the BIPA branches in the participating districts. The samples can be handed in at all REWE locations in these districts. During the pilot phase, delivery and collection can only be carried out in the districts of Linz, Gmunden and Vöcklabruck.

“The gargle tests fall into the category of PCR tests and offer very reliable information about possible infections. In addition, they offer the possibility of efficient sequencing,” said the state of Upper Austria in a broadcast. Governor Thomas Stelzer (VP) nevertheless emphasizes that vaccinations are the most effective protection against severe courses of the corona virus. The top priority in combating the pandemic is to achieve the highest possible vaccination coverage.

Supplement to the other test offer

Until then, the corona tests are “a pillar to curb the infection process”. In preparation for the fourth wave, the gargle tests are a good addition to the range of tests, explains Deputy Governor Christine Haberlander (VP).

The test options in test streets, pharmacies and municipalities as well as the living room tests continue to exist.

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