Guntmandingen SH: Junglenker loses car and ticket

The speed check by the Schaffhausen cantonal police on the H14 near Guntmandingen was his last for the time being. A young driver raced out of town shortly after midnight with a “strongly motorized vehicle” at 144 kilometers per hour and was subsequently stopped by the Schaffhausen cantonal police. After deducting the device tolerance, he had exceeded the permitted maximum speed by 60 km/h. The driver’s license was taken from the speeder on site. At the request of the public prosecutor’s office, the murder vehicle was also secured, the police said.

It wasn’t the last driver’s license the police would seize that night. A driver was traveling at such high speed that she also had to hand in her ticket. She only had a probationary driver’s license. Another driver was also referred to the public prosecutor of the canton of Schaffhausen because he pressed the gas too hard.

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