Guion deplores “a flagrant lack of success” in Reims – Fil info – Ligue 1

David Guion (Reims coach, beaten at home by Nîmes 1-0): “Before the match, we had identified the match scenario and Nîmes’ game plan. My players weren’t surprised. It was the typical pattern of an attack-defense, on which we couldn’t find the opening. In the first half, we lacked speed, creativity and technical finesse. After the goal, the behavior of my players was much more aggressive and in the last minutes, there was a miraculous save by the Nîmes goalkeeper and the two bars. It is a blatant lack of success, but success provokes itself. We have to provoke things much earlier and we cannot do it only at the end of the match. In my opinion, the penalty is questionable. The player (Zinedine Ferhat) completely lures the referee and it is very surprising that the referee does not move (to see the video). Losing is difficult, on this action it is even more painful. “