Guillain-Barré syndrome is triggered by anti-Covid vaccines

The Guillain-Barré syndrome is the new adverse effect produced by some of the vaccines antiCovid, some of them are AstraZeneca-Oxford, Pfizer-BioNTech Y Johnson & Johnson. Although it has affected very few people, its manifestation is worrying, since it encourages the Facial paralysis, and if it gets complicated, it could trigger areflexic quadriplegia and the need for respiratory assistance.

Interest in this neurological disorder arose after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), from the United States, will notify through Federal System for Notification of Adverse Events to Vaccines (VAERS, for its acronym in English), 95 provoked cases of this syndrome, which required hospitalization.

However, Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) had already been detected in seven vaccinated people, with the AstraZeneca vial, in India. This manifestation occurred in the first four weeks, after having received the first dose.

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From there, different research groups have devoted themselves to delving into its appearance, because although this condition is very unusual, it is potentially serious and can cause death.

That is why experts suggested that it is a variant of the disease. This is consistent with the GBS description published by “ScienceDirect”, in which they state that it encompasses a number of different “recognizable variables.”

One of the efforts around this phenomenon was published in the “Wiley Online Library”. The scientists studied four of the seven cases, in which the affected patients were women who ranged from 43 to 68 years, (only one of the seven affected was male) in the Kerala Medical Center, on the costa Malabar india.

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Among the symptoms reported by the mourners, weakness in the limbs predominated, facial numbness and lingual, difficulty passing food -dysphagia-, as well as back pain.

As of the date the results were released, on June 10, 2021, the researchers said that of the seven GBS patients, six had not recovered and one had been discharged. All of them required mechanic ventilation to control the effects of the syndrome.

The experts concluded that this disease occurs very infrequently, registering 17 cases per one million inhabitants per year. But they urged the health authorities to pay attention and plan a way to address the events that may occur during the anti-Covid vaccination days, as their effects are serious.

“Overall, our experience should prompt all clinicians to be vigilant in recognizing GBS in vaccinated patients. While the risk per patient may be relatively low, our observations suggest that this clinically distinct GBS variant is more severe than usual and may require mechanical ventilation, “says the document.

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What else is known about Guillain-Barré syndrome?

This disease is part of the conditions that attack the immune system. The GBS specifically attacks the nerve cells.

The neurons, as they are better known, establish connections with muscle cells Y glandulares for the proper functioning of the nervous system.

When a person has GBS they will experience symptoms for about two weeks. However, the disease can cause irreversible damage.

The causes have been associated as a secondary effect of a primary disease, this can be a Respiratory infection, such as seasonal flu, or gastrointestinal like salmonella. They usually present 7 to 15 days after the onset of the disease.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this disease is more common in men over 50 years of age.

To date, scientific evidence has not proven about the genetic or social factors that cause a small number of patients to suffer from it.

The recovery of GBS can be favorable, if it is treated on time and with constant medical follow-up, that is why experts recommend that treatment begin immediately after being diagnosed.



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