How big is the iPhone battery? There are currently various forecasts that differ in nuances. But one thing seems to be hinting: the battery is becoming smaller than in current models. What this means for the battery life has yet to be shown.

Apple may equip the new iPhones with a smaller battery, as previously indicated, reported. However, that would mean the end of a trend that had continued in recent years and led to larger batteries.

As a leaker now suspects, referring to information from a document that has been submitted to the South Korean authorities, the battery of the iPhone 12 Max could have a capacity of 2,775 mAh, which would be less than the battery currently installed in the predecessor.

This model should be the iPhone with a 6.1-inch OLED panel.

Other forecast is a little more optimistic

Another tip, which is also based on supposed documents for Apple’s upcoming iPhones, sees a battery with a capacity of 2,815 mAh. This model is said to be the iPhone 12 Pro, also with a 6.1 inch display. The little bit of extra power could be used to satisfy additional power guzzlers in the Pro model and to enable the same battery life as the iPhone 12 Max. This includes the 120 Hz display, but whether this will be available in the new iPhone is also still unclear, we had summarized the latest rumors in this message.

The new iPhone 12 is expected in autumn in a total of four variants and three sizes.

Guesswork: How big is the iPhone 12 battery?

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