GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners launches July 20th

Starting July 20, the Los Santos underground car scene returns with roaring engines in GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners. In addition to a lot of action-packed tuner missions and races, the LS Car Meet is also debuting as a brand new meeting point where you can mingle with other car fans with your personal vehicle to drive races, present tuned masterpieces or meet dodgy business partners to socialize, find the capable driver and the quick way to make money.

Das LS Car Meet

To get started, head to a nondescript, graffiti-sprayed warehouse on the outskirts of town. Just open your ears, the engine noises will give you a clue. Or look for the makeshift finish line on the street in front of it. The LS Car Meet follows the motto “good vibes only” and is therefore the perfect place to avoid the lawmen and the petty criminal idiots who terrorize Los Santos and its surroundings.

Park your attitude (and any armed vehicles) at the entrance and share your love for cars with like-minded people. Here you will find countless opportunities to delve deep into the pulsating heart of the scene, to present your valuable personal vehicles from your collection or to examine those of others.

LS-Car-Meet membership

To get started, you unlock a new reputation progression that gives you new benefits with each level. You also get access to the test track, a large area in the Car Meet warehouse. Here you can drive, drift and jump with your friends to your heart’s content without being disturbed by annoying pedestrians or the police. You will also find test vehicles on the test track – this is your chance to get behind the wheel of a rotating selection of vehicles and push them to their limits.

If you put GTA $ 50,000 on the table to become a member of the LS Car Meet, you will receive even more privileges.

Members can take part in rotating prize vehicle challenges to win special prize vehicles. In addition, they get access to some special shops and features such as the merch shop, the tattoo studio and the tuning area, where you can prove your skills as a screwdriver in front of an expert audience. Higher-ranking members can also start a private takeover and decorate the Car Meet, including the color of the lights and banners, according to their taste.

New races

With Los Santos Tuners, new races will also appear, inside and outside the Car Meet. On the test track, you can take part in friendly competitions such as direct duels, in which speed and precision give you the advantage you need to beat your opponent in a short race. In spurts, up to four players must pass 20 control points. In time trials on the test track, you have the opportunity to put your vehicles through their paces and set your personal record.

Up to 30 players can be on the test track, but contact will be deactivated during the competitions. Members can also use a private test track for themselves. Aside from the test track, there are also new racing series for members in the city: the road racing series and the pursuit series.

The road racing series offers exactly what it says on the label: tough competitions on creative tracks on the streets of some of the most beautiful districts of Los Santos – including shortcuts that can be both an opportunity and a risk. The chase series offers drivers a more open experience: thanks to control points that are sparingly distributed on the map, you have to find a creative route. After all, you compete against other racing drivers and you also have the LSPD stuck to your exhaust. Sprints, on the other hand, are point-to-point challenges in free mode: With up to three other drivers, you can deliver breakneck races from the LS Car Meet to different locations such as the LSIA and back.

Earn reputation

In the world of tuning enthusiasts, reputation is a valuable currency. Earn reputation by taking part in races (and winning them), getting daily login bonuses, spending time on the test track or just hanging out at the Car Meet.

By increasing your reputation, you will receive rewards to improve your status in the scene. For example, you unlock all kinds of cool new modification options such as new tires and paintwork, enjoy retail prices for certain vehicles, get access to new racing modes or even get the opportunity to host your own private car meet.

New vehicles

Of course, this update for GTA Online provides all car dealerships in Los Santos with a whole new collection of fresh vehicles – from imported tuner cars from Annis, Dinka, Übermacht and others to the honest muscle cars from Vapid that Americans are so into have closed their hearts. There will be a total of 17 new vehicles over the course of the summer, ten of which will be released on July 20th.

Plus, when GTA Online hits PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S later this year, you can miss out on select vehicles with brand new speed improvements and more. These special upgrades will only be available in Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S – more details will be available soon.

Das Los Santos Community Meet Up

If you play GTA Online before the release of the Los Santos Car Meet, you will have the opportunity to win some special rewards. Meet up now by playing GTA Online anytime before the update is released and receive the Los Santos Customs T-shirt. Take part in a spontaneous race (via the interaction menu) and receive the Los Santos tour jacket.

Play and earn special rewards

If you steal a vehicle in free mode and take it to LS Customs, you will be rewarded with the Los Santos Customs work overalls, which are perfect for your inner car mechanic.

Claim your rewards by playing Los Santos Tuners on or after July 20th. The items will be in your cloakroom within 72 hours of logging in from July 23rd.

And more …

For more information on Los Santos Tuners, check out the Newswire next week. In particular, we take a look under the hood of the new robbery missions, in which your driving skills are ultimately put to the test. In addition, a familiar face from the Music Locker appears.

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