GTA 6 world map size shocked fans

The world map is online GTA 6one of the most anticipated games of the current generation, which shocked fans of the action series with its size.

On the popular Reddit forum, they published a map of the open world of the expected action game GTA 6 from the American company Rockstar Games. There are no city names or any points of interest in this image. However, in the corner of the picture, there is also a GTA 5 world map. The author did this so that Grand Theft Auto fans could compare the sizes of their favorite game and the upcoming new generation action game. It turned out that the GTA VI world map is about 2.5 times larger in area than in the previous part. The fans were shocked.

In the comments, fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise began to discuss whether they want to get into a virtual world of this size. Some have long dreamed of seeing a world map that is several times larger than the current one in GTA 5. They believe that this will allow adding not only different cities to GTA 6, but also territories with completely different nature and climate, which will make the action even more diverse. Gamers would also like a chapter-separated storyline. Each part must be connected to one of the open world areas so that players can explore each location well.

Other gamers believe that such a large world in GTA 6 will harm the gameplay. Due to the vast spaces, many missions will require players to go on very long trips or long chases.

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The concept of the GTA 6 world map was drawn by a gamer with the nickname Coryharris0715. As a basis, he used various leaks in which the events of the new game should develop in Vice City.

Rockstar Games officially announced GTA 6 in February 2022. The game does not yet have a full title, approximate release date, and target platforms.



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