With the additional money, you will be able to make ends meet for several months.With the additional money, you will be able to make ends meet for several months.

The PlayStation Showcase had bad news for GTA 5 fans, as the PS5 version was unceremoniously postponed to March 2022. Unfortunately, there is no exact date yet. However, the postponement of several months may not be a cause for sadness for many of you, but rather a cause for joy.

It’s still raining cash in GTA Online

If you regularly use GTA Online for PS4 and are a member of PS Plus, you should already know that you will find a huge cash gift in your in-game account every month. Because PS Plus users have received 1 million GTA dollars every month since June 2020.

What does this have to do with the GTA 5 postponement? The monthly rain of money in GTA Online only applies until the PS5 version of GTA 5 appears. The reason is that GTA Online will be playable for free for all owners of the PS5 version. To make the re-release palatable to PS4 players, Rockstar Games is distributing the monetary gifts.

Because the PS5 version of GTA 5 will not appear until March 2022, there will be another four months of waiting on top of that. That means you have $ 4 million more in GTA to spend in the game.

If you missed the first gameplay trailer for PS5, you can catch it up here:


GTA 5 – First next-gen gameplay revealed in the PS5 trailer

To find out everything you need to know about the PS5 version of GTA 5, you don’t have to be a GTA dollar millionaire, just check out GamePro regularly:

This is how you get the cash gift in GTA Online

At the beginning of the promotion, you received the money automatically if you were logged into GTA Online. Now you have to think about picking up the 1 million GTA dollars in the PS Store yourself every month. But don’t worry, the in-game money can be purchased completely free of charge from the PS Store.

In addition to the free GTA dollars, PS Plus has a few other advantages. For example, the subscription service enables you to use the online function of all games and to win big discounts in the PS Store. You can find everything you need to know about PS Plus in our overview article.

Originally, GTA 5 was supposed to be released on November 11th for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. The Enhanced Edition will run in 4K and 60 fps and has some graphical and playful improvements with it.

What do you do with the additional monthly budget?

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