Grünwald – free beer and chicken for the police – Munich district

A beer and a chicken at Oktoberfest can already be more than the police allow – if they are consumed by a police officer and paid for with vouchers from a patron. The head of the Grünwald police station had to experience this. Because, according to the conviction of the public prosecutor, between 2014 and 2019 he had received champagne and other gifts from local companies as well as vouchers for the Oktoberfest in order to distribute them among the employees or to raffle them at Christmas parties, a five-digit penalty order was issued against him enact.

The investigating authorities have also targeted the sponsors, who have received penal orders in the past few weeks. Including Wiesn host Anton Roiderer, who is supposed to pay a penalty of 90 daily rates for having handed in 50 chicken and beer vouchers for the Oktoberfest “as a small thank you” during the inspection in 2018. He will defend himself with his hands and feet, said Roiderer on Wednesday to the SZ.

Roiderer is not the only Oktoberfest host who has to answer for bribery: The spokesman for the Munich district court, Klaus-Peter Jüngst, has confirmed, according to the dpa news agency, that criminal orders against Roiderer and his son Thomas (Hackerzelt) and the Steinberg couple (Hofbräuzelt) have passed. “I thought that they had a bird when the order came,” says Roiderer, because he is not at all aware of any guilt. A mass of beer and a chicken per person was, in his opinion, in the trivial range. The restaurateur is convinced that this is common in Bavaria. The so-called compliance guidelines of the Interior Ministry, however, speak against this, which prohibit such assumptions of advantages and which apply to all police stations – but are handled differently, as Roiderer claims. “I’ve been Oktoberfest host for 30 years, and the police in Munich have always been allowed to accept chicken and beer vouchers.”

If he had known that the police inspections in the countryside were not allowed to do that, then he would not have given the Grünwald inspection any vouchers, explains the Oktoberfest host.

Roiderer announced that he would always appeal against the penalty order. According to the prosecutor, other sponsors have already done so. A date for the main hearing has not yet been set, it says from there.

The Munich police are now dealing with the allegation by the Wiesnwirt that it is customary in Munich for beer and chicken vouchers to be given to police stations. An announced statement on this is in preparation, it says from there. The editorial staff hadn’t received one by Wednesday evening.