Growing Hindutva extremism in Modi’s India poses a serious threat to minorities

Growing Hindutva extremism in Modi’s India poses a serious threat to minorities

(Ahmed Mansoor) The growing incidence of religious extremism and intolerance in India is the result of Modi’s hateful policies. Not only the Muslim minority, but also the Sikh and Christian communities are the targets of the Modi government’s criticism.

The open violation of the rights of minorities continues in Modi’s India. The open threat to the minorities is a deliberate conspiracy of Modi. The BJP leader threatened that anyone who challenges Hindus in India has no place in India. The growing Hindutva extremism in Modi’s India has become a serious threat to minorities.

In the last few years, not only mosques but also many churches were demolished in India. Recently, a Muslim youth was brutally tortured to death on the suspicion of carrying beef.

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Hindu nationalism has increased since the victory of Modi-led BJP in the 2014 elections. Adityanath Yogi says that Muslims and Hindus can never live together.

Several videos have shown how Hindu nationalists inspired by the RSS ideology are terrorizing minorities. The rising tension in India is a tactic for Modi’s success in the upcoming elections.

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