‘Groningengas really the best option’ –

The easiest and cheapest way out of the energy crisis is to recycle gas in Groningen. technically it is not a problem, our houses stay warm in the winter and the government is left with a large sum of money, energy experts say to the Dagblad van het Noorden.

“It is now wiser to extract small amounts of gas from the ground every month instead of a lot at once during a crisis,” says energy analyst Jilles van den Beukel.

Economically, increasing gas production could even close this year’s budget deficit in one fell swoop, leaving a lot of money. With the current gas price of around 2.05 euros per cubic meter, the cabinet can earn more than 40 billion euros per year by pumping 30 billion cubic meters from Groningen. However, the government only sees Groningen gas as a last resort.

Source(s): Newspaper of the North
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