GROHE presents its solutions for water-saving bathrooms and kitchens

GROHE presents its solutions for water-saving bathrooms and kitchens

GROHE, a global brand for the production and marketing of solutions for bathrooms and kitchens, presents its solutions and innovations that materialize its vision in terms of sustainability, technology, design and water saving. The presentation took place during an event organized in Casablanca, in the presence of Antoine Kaissar, Leader North & West Africa, LIXIL EMENA for whom: “GROHE has developed, over the years, a footprint in the world of kitchens in investing in effective day-to-day innovations that respect the environment and rationalize energy consumption. This has allowed us to leave an indelible mark on the world of cooking. GROHE kitchen solutions are designed to meet the needs of users, while fitting naturally into their lifestyles”.

And to continue that “the rationalization of energy, in particular water, is at the heart of the brand’s priorities. GROHE thus favors technological and innovative solutions, in line with its commitment to respect the environment”.

Along the same lines, he underlined that GROHE’s innovation efforts are also directed towards the creation of new technologies: “One of the main technological innovations of the brand, presented during this meeting, is the SmartControl, a Precise control and easy adjustment function of water flow and temperature that allows easy switching between a powerful jet and a fine jet, thus saving water consumption. Another example of innovative technology is the Easytouch, a line of tactile faucets that allows you to control the flow of water without using your hands, with a simple touch of the elbow or wrist”.

Also, the Footcontrol taps start and stop with a simple touch of the foot on the base unit leaving the taps perfectly clean and finally, the Magnetic Docking function which allows the pull-out spray to easily return to its original place, we explain to GROHE.

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The brand also presented its ingenious water filtration system. Named GROHE Blue, this system offers microfiltered water equipped with a simple and intuitive mechanism allowing you to obtain fresh, still or sparkling water directly from the tap.

These products and technologies, available for sale in Morocco at official GROHE retailers, embody the four fundamental values ​​of the brand, namely design, technology, quality and sustainable development, and aim to improve the user experience and user, we say to the brand.

Remember that the brand has indeed opened its North and West Africa regional office in Casablanca on March 22, 2022 to confirm the importance of the Moroccan and more broadly African market…


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