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  • 16% is recorded in the week

grifols needed a boost in the stock market and it has found it in its results presentation this week, in which it already accumulates a revaluation of 16% that has earned him to return to positive in the year two months later.

The biopharmaceutical reported losses of 108 million euros by devoting 140 million to the layoff plan and the closure of plasma donation centers. As they explained, they have already executed 80% of the plan that was planned to save 400 million euros. However, they have now updated this objective and already place 450 million the estimated total savings that will begin to emerge from the second half of the year.

“We see positive signs of improvementincreasing the guidelines for the year and the increase in the savings plan, as well as the appointment of a CEO from outside the Grifols family”, they point out at Barclays. “However, the indebtedness continues at 7 times its ebitda and we see no signs clear of an operation that serves to alleviate it,” they add.

“The results shown have even exceeded the company’s internal forecasts and for this reason they have had to raise the guidance annual ebitda above 1,400 million, with a margin on sales of between 22% and 24%; We think that the amount of cost savings could even be accelerated as the year progresses and the company benefits from a lower cost of raw material”, they point out in Renta 4.

A potential of 50%

The very strong punishment that has weighed on the Grifols share during the last two years has caused it to be one of the Ibex companies that offer the greatest potential for growth. Analysts have stopped deteriorating their valuations, which have remained, on average, in the area of ​​16.8 euros for the next 12 months, which implies an upward potential of something more than 50%. Regarding the recommendation, only one of the investment firms that follow it recommends its sale while the vast majority, 68%, advises taking positions.

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