Griezmann warns Benzema and Mbappé

Despite the return of Karim Benzema and the dimension taken by Kylian Mbappé, Antoine Griezmann intends to recall certain things.

A passage through Clairefontaine was enough for him to regain all his confidence. In lack of certainties at Barça, Antoine Griezmann presents a completely different face with the France team. Evidenced by the resumption of acrobatic volley marked on Tuesday against Bulgaria, six days after cleaning the skylight against Wales. The return of Karim Benzema and the new status of Kylian Mbappé could have overshadowed him. The two preparatory matches before the Euro recalled that he is and remained the boss of the French attack.

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“Antoine Griezmann is the game and the system. It is he who articulates it. Since 2016, he has held the keys to the Blues. He is the number 1 player on this team, said Willy Sagnol. It is the origin and the finish. He is more and more in a Zidane profile. He is obsessed with making his partners play. He has that consistency. There are very few matches where he has gone through. “ An opinion obviously shared by the first concerned.

Neither cowardice nor fear

“I spoke with the coach and nothing has changed, quite the contrary, he confided in an interview with The Team. I know he has enormous confidence in me, assured the world champion. He wants me to hit as many balls as possible, to play the team, to talk on the pitch, to take set pieces. There, everything remains the same. He still has 1,000% confidence in me and it’s up to me to give him that confidence back on the pitch. “

The Barcelonan is no less delighted with the return of Karim Benzema. “ It is Karim, a great striker, who can only do us good. Frankly, we can only be delighted to have him with us. We must do everything now, so that he feels the best possible, as quickly as possible, that he takes this confidence. He’s a guy we can easily play with and he’s obviously welcome among us. “

The presence of KB9 does not change its prerogatives, especially regarding penalties. And this despite that given to the Madrilenian against Wales. “I’m not the type to shirk my responsibilities. When I leave a penalty, it’s to please others, not out of cowardice or fear. I just want to have fun between us ”, he said, adding: “It’s true that I like to give a penalty to a striker. But I think for the coach, and for myself, I am the number one shooter. If I miss, I will have to move on, maybe, but in the meantime I feel rather confident in this area and I don’t see me change. ”

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