Grey’s Anatomy: April and Jackson’s ending gave fans hope?

According to information from Screen Rant, the end of the couple April and Jackson would have given hope to fans of Grey’s Anatomy.

According to information from our English-speaking colleagues, the end that the screenwriters of Grey’s Anatomy imagined for April and Jackson would have gave fans hope. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Warning, the following article may contain SPOILERS!

Grey’s Anatomy a series with multiple twists

It has been more than 15 years since Grey’s Anatomy makes fans happy on the small screen. Indeed, the creation of Shonda Rhimes mixes with bio medical dramas and love stories.

Two elements that seem to satisfy fans of the genre. Since the beginning of the series, the intrigues accumulate with talent. And the least we can say is that viewers don’t have time to be bored for a single second watching episodes of the American show.

During the different seasons, the adventures followed one another. Especially at the heart level. And if there is indeed a passionate story that has not failed to cause a sensation among aficionados, it is Derek and Meredith’s.

Eh yes ! The fans of Grey’s Anatomy remember the setbacks of the two lovebirds. Very attracted to each other, they couldn’t help fooling around.

However, all was not easy. So much so that their relationship has a long turned in circles before taking shape. Fortunately, the couple ended up acknowledging their feelings.

Dr. Mamour and the heroine of Grey’s Anatomy were therefore able to start a family and live happily for a moment. Eh yes ! Happiness never lasts very long episodes of the famous series.

So the character portrayed by Patrick Dempsey did indeed pass away during a terrible season. A shock for the fans. MCE TV tells you more about the show’s love stories.

Grey’s Anatomy: April and Jackson’s ending gave fans hope?

A fitting ending for April and Jackson

And Meredith and Derek didn’t have a happy ending, it would seem that an emblematic couple of Grey’s Anatomy finally gave hope to the faithful.

At least that’s what Screen Rant thinks. According to the latest information posted online by our English-speaking colleagues, many fans were satisfied with the planned end for April and Jackson.

If the two lovebirds had chosen to end their relationship, the handsome doctor ended up changing his mind. And this, to the delight of aficionados.

So he packed his bags for join the love of his life. A heroic act that did not fail to cause a sensation on the small screen.

Especially since the romantic relationship between the two protagonists was not really off to a good start. Unlike many couples of Grey’s Anatomy, Jackson and April had their happy ending. A one-of-a-kind event. Anyway, for the medical series.

But beware, the show is not over yet. It could therefore be that other romances end well. Fingers crossed. Case to follow in the next episodes… And the next seasons!


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