Green pass, quarantine and masks: what can change by Easter

Italy is preparing to emerge from the state of emergency and to undertake a gradual path of abandoning the remaining restrictions to contain the spread of Covid-19. Despite the resurgence of infections, the impact on hospitalizations is not worrying and therefore it is possible to proceed with a return to normality which, however, will have to comply with some steps before reaching total completion.

In view of March 31, in fact, the government is studying a road map for the exit from the Coronavirus emergency: in tomorrow’s Council of Ministers a precise time schedule should be defined, date by date, for the elimination of the limitations still in force and a relaxation of the super green pass system. The aim is to give a clear signal of relaunch and recovery after the drastic consequences caused by the closures.

Green pass

The Regions they are pressing on the executive to put aside the restrictive measures by Sunday 17 April. A hypothesis confirmed by Massimiliano Fedriga, president of Friuli Venezia Giulia and of the Conference of the Regions: “Where epidemiological conditions permit, it is already possible to hypothesize the abandonment of the restrictions within Easter“In this sense, the Regions presented a proposal for an action plan to regulate the transition after the end of the state of emergency.

The governors are asking to gradually reshape the obligation of the green pass, starting with the elimination for access to activities that take place exclusively outdoors (such as catering). As for the contexts that are at risk of gatherings (stages, concerts, amusement parks) the introduction of the basic green certificate could be considered instead of the reinforced one: in this case the negative result of the swab would be enough. Finally, it would be completely exceeded in the weeks following the expiry of the state of emergency.

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The proposals of the Regions also affect the field ofisolation, which could only be expected for those who test positive for Coronavirus and are symptomatic. The governors also ask to update the monitoring system “compared to the current context“, providing for further simplification.


A more prudent position concerns the obligation to wear le masks, which could remain in force in all indoor environments and, only in the event of gathering, even outdoors. The obligation to Ffp2 could be kept on means of transportation. The governors, however, invite you to consider a derogation to prevent the use of Ffp2 masks from becoming mandatory in the workplace, “with evident higher unjustified costs“.

The bulletin

Another request provides for the elimination of communications from the daily bulletin on Covid-19 data in Italy. In fact, a change of pace could be envisaged, introducing a new method that would monitor the trend of incidence and occupancy of hospital beds on a weekly basis, and no longer on a daily basis as is currently the case.



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