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Bologna, 12 January 2022 – What to do if you have contracted the Covid to get your own back Green pass, one time healed? This is what many are asking and the procedure is actually not entirely easy for several citizens who, having returned negative, do not yet have an active certificate and live in bureaucratic limbo. Blame the surge in cases caused by the Omicron variant and the chaos tracking, to stem it, new rules for isolation and quarantine have been laid down.

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Green pass from healing, when does it arrive?

Let’s start from the premises. Those who recovered from Covid were in possession of a Green pass valid for 6 months which, however, is blocked with the arrival of the disease: the regularity period of the QR Code is indicated in the details of the green certificate.

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The reactivation of the green pass (from 6 January)

The release of the Green pass after the healing, however, now it can also happen thanks to a new procedure: the certificate of healing will no longer be required, but the negative result of a molecular or rapid test will suffice. So, in fact, it will unlock independently. To clarify it, after the numerous reports of citizens who returned negative do not yet have an active certificate, is the Ministry of Health.

The automatic unlocking of the green pass for those recovered from Covid, however, only applies to those who have a negative swab starting from 6 January 2022. Before January 6, the green pass of people recovered from Covid was reactivated after being included in the platform of the Ministry of Health of the certificate of healing carried out by the general practitioner. Now, the green pass locks with positive swab and unlocks when the negative swab arrives, inserted by the health facility or pharmacy.

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How to have the super green goes from healing

Be careful, however, why unlocking it concerns the green pass that was already in possession before the illness. For the new super green pass, which starts from the date of healing, serves the certificate of healing of the general practitioner. The Ministry of Health, in fact, specifies that the negative swab reactivates the Green pass that was blocked at the time the positivity was detected.

Then, to have the new Green pass for the healed – which restarts the six months of validity -, the general practitioner must enter the certificate on the platform, so that it is transmitted centrally. According to what the Faq of Ministry of Health, The attending physician or the ASL who issued the end of isolation certification must enter the patient’s data in the ‘Health Card System’.

Only after this insertion, the Ministry of Health will be able generate automatically the new Covid-19 green certification which, in Italy, will be valid for 6 months from the date of validity indicated on the certificate of recovery. In the rest of theEuropean Union will be worth for 180 days from the first positive molecular buffer.

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In Emilia-Romagna – let the Region know -. for the release of the green healing pass the quick negative swab made in the pharmacy, free of charge, is sufficient, without going to the general practitioner.

How to download the new super green pass

There are at least four methods of downloading the new green pass, obtained after healing

  • If you have digital identity (Spid o Cie) just connect to this government site
  • Or there is this other government site for those who don’t have a digital identity, but have the health insurance card. Enter the last 8 digits of the health card number, the expiration date, and one of the unique codes received with: the vaccine (AUTHCODE), the molecular swab (CUN), the rapid antigen swab (NRFE), the certificate of recovery (NUCG).
  • It downloads from health record regional, also in Pdf format
  • From the Immune App, in the specific section “EU Digital COVID Certificate”. Also in this case, you need the last 8 digits of the health card identification number, the expiration date, one of the unique codes received with: the vaccine (AUTHCODE), the molecular swab (CUN), the rapid antigen swab (NRFE), the certificate of healing (NUCG).
  • From the App IO: as soon as the new green pass is released, you will receive an App message (notifications must be activated) on your mobile phone. Opening it, you will find the QR code which can also be saved in the smartphone image gallery.
  • With the help of medici, pediatricians, pharmacists and health professionals and public and private laboratories: by logging into the Health Card System with their credentials, they will be able to recover your Green Certification. You need a tax code and health card data

What to do if the certificate of recovery does not arrive?

The Authcode covide can be used, which can also be used in the case of a rapid molecular or antigenic swab and healing,

How to recover the Authcode code?

Both SMS or emails arrive at the addresses communicated to the health authority. If it hasn’t arrived, you can find it on this site.

Green pass boom from healing

Meanwhile, the number of green certifications issued after the healings takes off, testifying to the increase in infections. According to the numbers provided by the Government it went from 6,729 on 12 December 2021 to 96,742 on 10 January 2022.


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