Green Party leader Ricarda Lang softens position on the lifetime of nuclear power plants for the first time

“Not at the moment, but…”
Lang softens position on AKW runtime

The uncertain gas supply situation is slowly but surely shaking the foundations of green energy policy: while the party has long blocked a possible extension of the nuclear power plant’s operating life, Green Party leader Lang is now pushing a “but” afterwards for the first time.

In the debate about longer running times for the three remaining nuclear power plants, Green Party leader Ricarda Lang points out that they are less flexible than coal-fired power plants in the event of a gas shortage in order to replace gas-fired power generation. In the ARD program “Anne Will” on Sunday evening, she also drew attention to liability risks and the susceptibility to lawsuits for longer terms. You therefore come to the conclusion that this “as of now would not be the right way”.

At the same time, however, one must look at how the situation on the electricity market is developing. Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck announced on Sunday that the security of the power supply in Germany is to be checked under more stringent conditions in a second stress test. When asked if there was a possibility that the terms would be extended, Lang said: “No. First of all, I’ll say that we won’t do that at the moment.”

Lang continues: “Then I say that we must of course always react to the current situation at any moment during this crisis and will examine all measures. We have done that in the past. We have never categorically ruled that out. We have always currently checked, what makes sense at this moment. We will continue to do that.”

Ricarda Lang: The current relief packages are not enough

The Greens leader does not believe that the previous relief packages to cushion high energy prices are sufficient. For the fall and winter, further relief will have to be initiated, said Lang. You also have to be more specific. The task will be to prevent low-income earners from slipping into poverty. “It’s about preventing a wave of poverty.”

However, emergency measures are also currently required. Lang called a moratorium on gas and electricity cuts for unpaid bills and a moratorium on evictions for tenants. “We must not allow people to lose their homes or sit in the cold or in the dark, now or in the fall.”

(This article was first published on Monday, July 18, 2022.)

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