Green eyes make-up from 50: The most important tips and tricks

Green eyes make-up from 50: The most important tips and tricks

The following applies to women over 50 when putting on green eyes: You should choose dark and warm colors to make your eyes shine even more.

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Make-up for green eyes: tips for women over 50

When choosing the right eyeshadow, it is often advised to go for the complementary color. In the case of green eyes, this means: red eye shadow – a combination that takes some getting used to and which can also quickly make you look ill. These tones are better for you:

  • Erdtone: A dark brown, a subtle taupe or a warm sandy tone are excellent eyeshadow colors for green eyes. nude colors are subtle and understated, but add something magical to your green eyes.
  • Gold: A warm shade of gold also goes well with your green eyes. However, less is more: Don’t pull the eye shadow up to below the eyebrow, but spread it only on the movable lid.
  • Pastel: For women with a rather pale complexion, pastel shades are ideal for green eyes. Pink also comes from the color family of red, which is complementary to green, and therefore makes your eyes shine particularly brightly.
  • Aubergine: If you have a darker complexion, the eyeshadow can also be a little stronger. For an evening make-up, for example, you can opt for an intense aubergine tone that particularly emphasizes the green of your eyes.

Cosmetic palette with brush and eye shadow with light brown, beige and Nude eyeshadow. xYAYxMicrox xYAYxMicrox ESY-049607640

An eyeshadow palette with nude tones and pink is ideal for women over 50 to create green eyes. imago images / agefotostock

Make your eyes look younger with makeup

From the age of 50 it is not uncommon for wrinkles to adorn your eye area. You don’t have to hide them either. But with the right make-up, you can make your eyes look more awake and open.

  • When it comes to eyeliner, you can try your hand at colour: Black eyeliner makes you look older and harder, so alternatives are like Braungray or gold the better choice.
  • Draw a line with the liquid or solid eyeliner close to the lash line of the upper lid and let it run out in a slight curve to visually open the eye.
  • Instead of the classic black mascara, try a shade of brown or green. These colors not only harmonize with your eyes, but also skilfully stage them.
  • Make sure you use concealer that doesn’t settle in your eye wrinkles. Otherwise, too much make-up or dry powder can accentuate them and cheat for a few years.
  • Eyebrows frame your face, so don’t forget them when applying makeup. A Brow gel with color looks more natural than an eyebrow pencil, especially if you have rather thin eyebrows.

Apply eyeliner correctly: Instructions and tips for the perfect eyeliner

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