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These rules apply to vacationers in Greece

In Greece, all airports on the islands and in the mainland holiday regions are reopened for international flights. However, entry is subject to strict security measures

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Greece welcomes tourists again

Greece is reopening its islands for international vacationers. A selected group of Germans were allowed to fly to Kos as one of the first. Greece is economically dependent on tourism.

GOn July 1st, riechenland opened all of its airports on the islands and in the holiday regions of the mainland for international flights. For the first time after the outbreak of the corona pandemic, charter planes from Germany landed at Crete airport on this day and were received with musicians and the local schnapps Tsikoudiá, as Greek television showed.

However, entry is subject to strict security measures and is only possible after prior registration. Doctors carry out checks at all airports. The country has a very low coronavirus infection rate compared to other European countries and wants to take measures to prevent the virus from spreading through tourism.

According to the Greek government, all travelers to Greece must have registered electronically at least 48 hours before arrival by completing a Passenger Location Form (PLF). This is possible via the Visit Greece smartphone app or the official website, where further information can be found.

Corona tests for vacationers in Greece

When registering, travelers must indicate, among other things, where they were before and where they will be in Greece. Applicants will then receive a QR code on their smartphone or by e-mail, which they must print out or present electronically upon entry.

State television (ERT) reported that an algorithm calculates whether and which travelers have to take a corona test after their arrival. If you test positive, you have to go to one of the isolation accommodations that have been set up especially for the corona pandemic in hotels for 14 days. Greece will cover the costs.

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The ministry had announced in advance that visitors might be tested for the corona virus on a random basis. The country had long-term prepared for a restart of international tourism.

Beaches, museums and restaurants are open

Around 200 archaeological sights in Greece have been open to visitors since the end of May, Euronews Athens reported. It was important for visitors and tour guides to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters.

Fantastically beautiful: the island of Santorini in Greece

Fantastically beautiful: the island of Santorini in Greece

Quelle: Getty Images/Vasilis Tsikkinis photos

For guides, masks and plastic signs are required for the face, while for guests wearing a mouth-nose cover is only a recommendation. The museums were allowed to reopen on June 15th.

All bathing beaches were already freely accessible again and regular ferry traffic to the islands was resumed. Limiting the number of passengers should ensure that the prescribed safety distance can be maintained.

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Restaurants and bars were also allowed to open again. Minimum clearances also apply here. Vacationers can find answers to common questions about the Corona rules on the official tourism website Visit Greece: It is therefore mandatory to wear masks on public transport and taxis.

Arrival by ferry from Italy

Since July 1st, holidaymakers have also been able to travel by ferry from Italy to Greece. The country has opened its ports of Patras and Igoumenitsa to tourism. Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, only commercial ferry transports have been possible between the ports of the Adriatic and Ionian Sea.

Tourism is the main economic sector in Greece. Last year, more than 33 million vacationers had visited Hellas. The Greek hoteliers keep saying that they would be satisfied if 20 percent of the number of tourists last year could be reached this year.

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