Yes, in those first emergency games that the Boca Reserve played after the scandal with Mineiro because the professional team “had broken the health bubble”, Vicente Taborda showed to have some things from a different player. And after the good role vs. Banfield and San Lorenzo (especially against the Drill), we all began to take a more serious look at him, like the rest of the youth; especially because they televise all the meetings and on top of that the team led by Ibarra and Serna is going straight.

Vicente Taborda has been breaking it in the Boca Reserve.

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Taborda and a luxury like Neymar

And this Wednesday, among the highlights of the 0-0 draw between Boca and Independiente on the 22nd date of the Reserve Tournament, it was possible to find the Neymar-style luxury that Taborda threw; a kind of dribble with a rabona that bears the name “Hocus Pocus” (or Abracadabra) in the world of freestyle.

However, in counterpoint to what usually happens when a soccer player rehearses these types of dribbles, that the entire rival team goes to the smoke to the dribbler because they understand that there is excess, this time the play happened as if nothing had happened. It was very evident that the native of Gualeguay he did not throw it away with the intention of carrying it, far from it, but he took advantage of the fact that a rival fell for precisely dribbling it from the side on which it was running and thus grabbing it by the thigh.

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Apart from this dribble, which was very showy indeed, and the expulsion of the Boca Reserve captain, Renzo Giampaoli, little happened in the game. Even so, Negro Ibarra’s team managed to extend its undefeated to 17 games and lead the championship alone with 43 points, with three dates remaining. His most immediate pursuer is Estudiantes, who is five away.

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