"Great" flirt "profitable" with a song "stu me" Saidi version – Video – FilFan.com

  1. “Al-Kabeer” flirts with “Marbouha” with the song “Sto Ana” in the Saidi version – videoFilFan.com
  2. Aiten Amer to Ahmed Makki after singing “Stu Anna”: “What, my heart, am I?”Madam Magazine
  3. Al-Kabeer flirts with Merbouha with the song “Sto Anna” in the Saidi versionhome world
  4. Hisham Majed for the heroes of “Al Kabeer” and “Maktoub Alia”: Thank you for the violent dose of laughterMasrawy – Masrawy
  5. Ahmed Makki sings “Stu Ana”… and Akram Hosni comments: “The Great is Big Away” (video)Al Masry Al Youm – Al Masry Al Youm
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