Great Britain, you need a paid visa to enter.  Also from Italy

Great Britain, you need a paid visa to enter. Also from Italy

The Brexit effect is felt in Great Britain not only due to the economic difficulties that the country is going through, but also due to the bureaucratic issues connected to it. Like the need for an entry visa, even for short periods, which will be operational in 2024 and which will be subject to a fee. The ETA system This is what we read on the British government website. It will be the registration to the ETA system or the Electronic Travel Authorization for a fee. It has not yet been decided how much it will cost and as regards the timing during 2024 it should be fully operational. The visa obligation It will be useful for all foreigners, including Europeans, adults and children, to enter the British territory both for tourism and for work, even for short periods. Applications can be made online and will need to be approved by the UK authorities. A ‘yes’ which, according to the website of the British government, will arrive in a few days or even a few hours via e-mail. It must therefore be presented together with the passport when crossing the border. Travelers cannot remain in the UK after their authorization has expired and can only engage in activities permitted by the ETA whilst in the UK. Last minute trips With the ETA programme, the British police forces will be able to better prevent and fight serious crimes such as identity theft and automated document checking will be faster. The short processing times, they add, also allow Italians to plan last minute trips as they can only apply a few days before departure.



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