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If you were thinking of buying a new graphics card for your PC this Black Friday, you’d better go looking for something else to indulge yourself with. The charts are still in the grip of rampant speculation that has led them to double their real price. It doesn’t matter what year the model is. It doesn’t matter AMD or Nvidia. These are not good times to change graphics.

At WccfTech they analyze the prices of these components from time to time, and the latest report they have issued is not exactly positive. The graphics are at an average of 200% of their price, and things do not look like they will improve in 2022.

After reaching a peak of inflation of around 300% the prices of the charts beginare gradually declining throughout 2021. The cryptocurrency crisis in China they made dreams of faster price regulation. From made in september there were some Nvidia models at only 88% more than their asking price, But the persistent shortage of semiconductors and a recent spike in demand for cryptocurrencies has pushed prices back to 200% of the recommended retail price.

Nvidia graphics have gone up from 88 to 95% in the last month. It is a small rise, but it is the largest that has been registered since last July and breaks the downward trend (and our hopes of changing the graph). The availability of these components seems to have improved a bit, but that only applies to older models. The latest generation are almost impossible to find, and prices continue to discourage your purchase unless you are really desperate and need one. Neither the card manufacturers, nor the large establishments or online speculators who take advantage of this situation deserve the slightest favorable treatment. Reports estimate that the situation will improve in 2023. Until then, it is still better to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X.… Oh! Ehope a moment. [WccfTech]


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