We will have to have the console connected to enjoy modes such as the campaign or the car collection.

Gran Turismo Sport being a good game, it lost part of the essence of the saga of the first PlayStation with a gaming philosophy that was intended to adapt to the times of online multiplayer hits, with a title that was presented very much in the online gameSomething that while it may have attracted a lot of new players, it disappointed some of the franchise veterans who were hoping for a more traditional system.

GT 7 seeks to be traditional and with a lot of content for a playerHowever, Gran Turismo 7 bet from the beginning to go back to the origins with a traditional game, with a philosophy similar to the first Gran Turismo but including some of the elements that worked best in Gran Turismo Sport. This pleased gamers who were expecting a delivery with great content for one player, regardless of its online dimension. But while the game promises to have great single-player content, Gran Turismo 7 will require permanent connection for many of these modes.

The campaign, car collection and editor between permanently connected modesPush Square magazine has been the one that has alerted of one of the texts in small print of the official PlayStation blog in which it was indicated that both the full single player campaign, access to the car collection, the GT Café and the vehicle editor will require the console to be connected to the internet in a permanent.

Although this is something that we already live with Gran Turismo Sport, on that occasion it did not pose a big problem in the case of a game that from its presentation was very focused on online, but without a doubt this requirement will surprise many of the players They’ve been drawn in by the classic single-player content that the new installment is betting on.

Gran Turismo 7 confirmed its release date for PS4 and PS5 for March 4, 2022 in its latest video of the PlayStation Showcase. We still cannot know what are the reasons why all this content for a player can only be enjoyed with the console connected, we will have to wait for more information from Polyphony Digital.

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