Gradual fasting and healthy eating

The fast It has to be accompanied in the periods that it can be eaten with healthy nutritionexplains the UAEH professor, Arianna Looks.

“We need the support of a nutritionist because it doesn’t make logical sense that I can consume food in four hours and they are inappropriate foods, such as eating a hamburger, a soft drink or foods rich in sugar or saturated fat, because obviously I am not carrying out or I am interrupting the routes that would have the objective of being generated with the intermittent fasting”, explains the university professor.

The nutritionist calls on people who want to start intermittent fasting to learn about other strategies. It is possible that due to their rhythm of life and their habitsanother model works better for them.

“It must be conscious and voluntary, because in this way you alone also make a mind exercise knowing when you have to do it and when you don’t. On some occasions, some patients report feeling these processes of anxiety and others that have more of a behavioral origin beyond the physiological or from the fast itself,” he explains.

It is possible that a very drastic start with the fast will generate the abandonment of purposefor this reason it is perhaps better to start gradually meal plan.

“We have to consider again these strategies that allow us a better attachment to the treatmentfor example, there are patients in whom it is important to start with a period of adaptation.

“Perhaps not doing it in a start of 20-4 (20 hours of fasting for four feeding window), and approaching from the general to the particular to reach the goal and avoid disappointment, but above all avoid being disappointed. There is an incorrect selection of foods at the time of making feed window“, Explain.

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The definition of strategy is essential by the patient, who has to be aware of the changes involved and value what he is willing to do.

“Establish the strategy that best suits you and your lifestyle and your clinical condition, even with your cognitive processes. There are people who find it easier to be radical from the beginning, there are other people who find it more difficult and need to start with simpler strategies”, he explains.

Exercise is an essential part of lose weight and it also has to be evaluated by a specialist.

“Many times we believe that the more exercise and the more fasting we do, we will obtain a better result, however, this is not the case. We have to do a physical activity according to the amount of energy we are consuming”

Arianna LooksObesity Data Laboratory Specialist

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