Grades for the 24th matchday: Militão dominant, Benzema pale

Grades for the 24th matchday: Militão dominant, Benzema pale

single reviewReal Madrid continue to tread water in LaLiga. At Real Betis Sevilla, the record champions did not get beyond a 0-0 draw on Sunday evening. The offensive around the pale Benzema acted unluckily in many situations. On the other hand, the again strong Éder Militão and Co. hardly let anything burn defensively.

Whilst Éder Militão puts in another strong performance, Karim Benzema doesn’t look too much of a goal threat Fotos: Getty Images

starting eleven

Thibaut Courtois

Sovereign performance of the Belgian! Whether it was high crosses or the few clear shots by the home side – when the 1.99-metre-long player was called for, he was there. His best moments came in the nine minutes, when he saved Ayoze Pérez’s long-range shot, and shortly after the restart when he got the better of Borja Iglesias in a one-on-one (53′). All in all, an important factor in the good defensive performance of Blancos. REAL TOTAL-Note: 2.

Lucas Vázquez (up to 60 minutes)

In the starting XI for Carvajal, the Spaniard, who had often been injured recently, presented himself as committed as usual. He managed 79 ball actions in 60 minutes and was always looking for a way forward, especially in the early stages. However, some turnovers (including before Iglesias’ top chance, 53rd) imply that the Galician seems to be lacking the rhythm at the moment. Consequently, the temporary right-back had to clear the field after an hour. REAL TOTAL-Note: 3,5

Éder Militão

After strong weeks and months, the Brazilian, who has been promoted to chief of defence, confirmed his good form in Seville. The 25-year-old won every important duel and, in addition to good behavior in space, also convinced with the right nose for when a duel with high intensity should be conducted. How attentive Militão is now able to act for more than 90 minutes is also underlined by his rescue operation shortly before the end, when he reacted lightning-fast after a misunderstanding between Kroos and Rüdiger and defused the situation. Well done! REAL TOTAL-Note: 1,5.

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Antonio Ruediger

Less conspicuous than his neighbor, Rüdiger also delivered a decent game. Except for two small wobbles, the German found the right balance of situational forward defense and disciplined behavior in the back four. An almost perfect pass rate (98 percent) also underlines that the central defender, who has been criticized recently, has taken a step forward in terms of ability to concentrate. Bitter from the national player’s point of view: “Toni” touched the ball minimally with his hand when Benzema scored a wonderful but irregular free-kick. REAL TOTAL-Note: 2,5.

Eduardo Camavinga (up to the 63rd minute)

As has often been the case in previous games, the game of the World Cup finalists was characterized by a few flashes of inspiration and a few impetuous actions. In addition to a wonderful, pressing-breaking individual action against three opponents (41st), the left-footed player had his best action in the 35th minute, when he served in a central position after a fine interaction with Benzema Vinícius. After a little over an hour, the active left-back (60 ball actions, three dribbles) had to make way for Nacho. REAL TOTAL-Note: 2,5.

Toni Kroos (up to the 87th minute)

90 ball actions and a 95 percent pass rate make excellent reading again. Despite being very active again, the German couldn’t really put his stamp on the game. He played some good balls deep (three key passes). But he was rarely able to create a goal threat. REAL TOTAL-Note: 3,5.

Aurélien Tchouameni (up to the 63rd minute)

After difficult post-World Cup weeks, the Frenchman seems to be stabilizing again these days. In Seville, the sweeper won most of his duels and kept taking pressure off the back four with a good physical presence. When playing with the ball, on the other hand, the Frenchman needed too much time in some situations, so that he put in a decent performance. REAL TOTAL-Note: 3.

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Federico Valverde

Despite a few careless mistakes, the Uruguayan was the most conspicuous player in Los Blancos’ midfield that night. After a little more than half an hour, his long-range shot hissed over the crossbar. In addition, the box-to-box expert offered many strong deep running paths. Against a defensively compact opponent, however, the midfield engine did not find a solution that evening. REAL TOTAL-Note: 2,5.

Real Madrid jersey

Rodrygo Goes

Good performance by the Brazilians! Whether as a fine combination player in interaction with Benzema (31st) or with strong (opening) movements. The winger was the best offensive player in the Merengues at the Estadio Benito Villamarín, partly because of his six dribbles. If the 22-year-old managed to dribble head-on towards the Betis defence, he radiated the greatest danger. Annoying shortcoming: When he positioned himself perfectly in the 54th minute, the youngster made the wrong decision with a pass attempt to Benzema. REAL TOTAL-Note: 2,5.

Karim Benzema

With his admittedly wonderful (but denied) free kick (13th), the Frenchman could have been the match winner. In the period that followed, the Frenchman was repeatedly in the half positions and between the chains. However, the center forward did not fulfill his core business, scoring goals, despite good finishing positions (48th, 90th + 3). REAL TOTAL-Note: 4.

Vinícius Junior

In contrast to compatriot Rodrygo, the winger always went to the sidelines. Although “Viní” created some promising offensive actions and always came to an end himself. At the same time, however, the top scorer also made some turnovers and unnecessary arguments. It remains to be hoped that Real’s perhaps most important difference player at the moment will soon be able to focus on the sporting clashes again. REAL TOTAL-Note: 3,5.

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Daniel Carvajal (from the 60th minute)

Came in for the unlucky Vázquez and made some good offensive moves. He first served Ceballos with pinpoint accuracy (75′) before the right-back hit a wonderful half-court cross just two minutes later. Defensively also wide awake, so that the veteran definitely enriched the game of the guests. REAL TOTAL-Note: 2,5.

Nacho Fernández (from the 63rd minute)

After a few starts, had to make do with a reserve role this time. In the heated Andalusian evening air, “Nachete” was hardly challenged defensively, but was also unable to set any decisive accents offensively. REAL TOTAL-Note: 3.

Daniel Ceballos (from the 63rd minute)

After a strong season, Ceballos could have been a match winner against his ex-club. However, a few minutes after being substituted on, the Spaniard missed from a good position (75′). Lots of ball actions (48) and some good balls deep underline a good performance. REAL TOTAL-Note: 2,5.

Álvaro Rodríguez (ab der 87. Spielminute)

After the youngster scored shortly after being substituted on in the derby last week, Ancelotti was also hoping for the 18-year-old in Seville. In just eight minutes of action, however, the centre-forward did not get into a promising final position. Without rating.


Charles Ancelotti

After the weak performance in the Clásico, the Italian was challenged to revive the offensive of the royal team. At Real Betis Sevilla, the record champions hardly allowed anything. In the offensive game, the Ancelotti team sometimes seemed too cumbersome. The fact that the world-class coach has only partially changed the statics of the game with targeted changes and the guests once again remained without goals should reduce the chances of the title immensely. Definitely not an optimal match plan for the “Mister”. REAL TOTAL-Note: 4.

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