Governor of La Guaira promises new road safety policies after accident that left 5 dead

Governor of La Guaira promises new road safety policies after accident that left 5 dead

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José Alejandro Terán, governor of Vargas state, renamed by the government as La Guaira, announced that they will develop new road safety policies to avoid fatal traffic accidents. This after an accident was recorded this Thursday in which five people died and another nine were injured on Soublette avenue.

“We are going to design brake control systems, that there be inspection systems for heavy transport, which is a lot that comes to La Guaira because it is a port city, in addition to the inspection of the same system in light vehicles in order to reduce this types of claims,” ​​he said in an interview with Union Radio.

He indicated that the infrastructure work should be developed in such a way as to reduce, in his words, “the radical descent.

Accident in La Guaira

The governor mourned the death of five people this Thursday morning. The accident occurred after a heavy cargo transport lost its brakes and collided with five private vehicles.

“We are all shocked by what happened. We want to express our deepest regret, our condolences to the families of these victims,” ​​he said.

The wounded were treated at the Pariata Peripheral Hospital.

“The injured presented general polytrauma and we have done all the routine exams immediately to rule it out. The medical part states that there is no risk in these wounded, “said Terán.

The governor pointed out that many of the accidents are caused by recklessness.

“Many times (accidents occur) due to the recklessness of carriers who exceed the speed in heavy transport and then when they reach that long descent they try to brake suddenly,” he said.

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