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DENVER, Colorado – At the Colorado State Capitol, State Governor Jared Polis delivered an official message to explain the state’s situation for the year 2022, but this assignment started differently from how it is traditionally done by recognizing dignitaries. there present. Polis wanted to begin by keeping a minute of silence in honor and respect for all the people who lost their lives due to COVID-19.

In his speech Polis addressed different issues that affect the state such as reducing health care costs, investing in early childhood education, reducing crime, making bipartisan investments in transportation and working to mitigate fires in the state.

Polis also spoke about offering more integrated physical and mental health services for Colorado children and giving them the support they need to be happy, “to just be kids.”

On the same topic, Polis mentioned the program “I Matter Program” which is free and is responsible for connecting and providing support to children with mental health problems and presented a mother and a son who were helped through this program.



Polis said he plans to propose a three-year plan to invest in healthcare and stabilize the workforce for that industry.

Polis proposed waiving license fees for nurses and metallurgical health workers, as well as nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

He proposed partnering with local governments and school districts to address health needs, integrating physical and mental health services, and strengthening the medical field workforce.

The governor of Colorado will give his State of the Union address at 11 am, where the chief president of our state is expected to account for what he has done last year and talk about his plans for this year 2022.


The governor said that after approving “kindergarten” education for free, he also wants to extend it to younger children, with a universal and free preschool by 2023.

He said he has a plan to increase funding per pupil in K-12 education, supporting small class sizes and increasing teacher salaries. He also proposed for higher education the expansion of financial aid and investments to avoid rising costs and tuition.


Here Polis focused on financial relief for Coloradans amid inflation, supply chain disruptions, higher housing costs and unemployment.

He spoke about pre-financing a state child tax credit, lowering property taxes and passing a tax reform package for businesses.

His proposals included further reducing fees, such as unemployment insurance premiums and paid family and medical leave, making it free to start a business and avoiding increases in driver’s license and vehicle registration fees.

“If it’s not clear, saving Coloradans money and keeping our state affordable is my top priority during this legislative session,” Polis said.

After the state speech, Colorado Governor Jared Polis spoke exclusively with Telemundo Denver, where he discussed issues of the economy, pandemic and education.

The governor also mentioned about:

  • Public Safety: The Governor said he was presenting a plan to support and fund local law enforcement and invest in community organizations to help prevent violent crime. He said he plans to work with the legislature to strengthen penalties for the sale of fentanyl.
  • Homelessness: Pressed for “bolder solutions” to reduce homelessness, including affordable housing, substance abuse treatment, residential programs and support services.
  • Climate: Said he is committed to reducing emissions and improving air quality monitoring and enforcement, and securing Colorado’s water supply by protecting water rights.



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