Governor blames “all” New York officials for crime boom and how Trump also threatens to withhold funds

“There has been a leadership vacuum on many issues,” admitted Ombudsman Jumaane Williams

Shot showcase in Midtown East, August 2020

Photo: Andrés Correa Guatarasma / Courtesy

Although earlier in the week Governor Andrew Cuomo lashed out at the federal government calling NYC an “anarchic city” and putting it at risk of losing funds citing impunity and violence, yesterday he acknowledged the situation and held local officials accountable – all Democrats like him – but not himself.

Citing statistics that showed a recent increase in shooting victims of more than 100%, Cuomo told a news conference yesterday that the crime figures in NYC are “totally unacceptable.”

And affirmed that all jurisdictions in the state of New York they must redesign public safety or risk losing state funds.

On June 12, Cuomo signed an executive order requiring a police reform, but it says NYC has not yet begun to do so and that it will withhold state funds if a plan in the next six months, that is, before April 1.

With the city in the middle of a major financial crisis, not receiving state funds would force layoffs. In addition to the latent threat of Department of Justice (DOJ) by placing NYC on a list of three “anarchist jurisdictions” eligible to lose federal resources, next to Seattle and Portland on the west coast.

“The mayor can lead (the plan), the president of the City Council can lead it, the Comptroller can lead it, the Public Defender can lead it. If none of them want to lead it, I’ll find someone to lead it, ”Cuomo reiterated yesterday about the need for the plan.

The reactions were activated immediately. “I think there is also some guilt in the governor’s office and that should be exposed, but he’s right, there’s been a leadership vacuum in many matters ”. This is how the Ombudsman, Jumaane Williams, reacted yesterday, who in June used almost the same words against Mayor Bill de Blasio after the looting, amid protests of police brutality.

“The governor must get his personal feelings out of the situation and really involve and respect the NYPD and the changes that have been made, and respect the fact that this administration from day one has been focused on change and reform, ”De Blasio told the radio today. WNYC.

Previously, in a statement the Mayor’s office said of Cuomo’s remarks that “We have been working on fundamental police reform for years and we do not intend to back down now. It is a failure of leadership to ignore progress accomplished in New York City, especially when it’s been promoted by so many advocates of color across the city. “

“We need a plausible, solutions-based plan to reduce crime,” said former New York Police Lt. Darrin Porcher, Fox News. “It is clear that the mayor of Blasio has fallen asleep in the change, but at the same time the governor has done nothing to assist in the effort to reduce crime ”.

NYC entered the DOJ list partly because its City Council approved a budget in July that cut or transferred nearly $ 1 billion from NYPD’s $ 6 billion annual budget to other departments, even amid a boom in homicides and shootings. Mayor De Blasio supported that measure from the beginning, further cracking his tense relations with police unions that, in the long run, announced unprecedented electoral support for Trump.

In July, the number of shootings in New York City was up 177% from the same period last year and there was a 59% increase in homicides. In August, the increase was 165% and 50%, respectively. New York Post.

The city’s crime boom and deterioration have been criticized by Cuomo himself, accusing De Blasio, but concluding that it had not yet “gotten out of control” as Trump suggested several times over the summer.

The DOJ said it also considered the fact that at least some of the City district attorneys have refused to prosecute those arrested for disorderly conduct and looting during protests related to the murder of the convict George Floyd by the Minneapolis police.

Cuomo had already noticed that New York will be forced to take “very dramatic action” if the state does not receive $ 30 billion from the federal government.