The federal government will allocate 800 billion pesos in 2022 for the purchase of vaccines against COVID, medicines, hiring of health personnel and improvements in medical services.

For next year, according to the Expenditure Budget Project, 794 billion pesos will be allocated to the health sector, which means an increase of 15.2% in real terms compared to what was approved for 2021, which was more than 667 billion pesos. of pesos.

Before deputies, when presenting the PPEF 2022, the Secretary of the Treasury, Rogelio Ramírez de la O pointed out that the increase in resources for Health “it includes the acquisition of vaccines and medicines, free health services, attention to the backwardness of medical attention and the increase of a staff of health workers to attend the pandemic ”.

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The government estimates revenues of 6,172.6 billion pesos, an amount higher by 428.2 billion pesos compared to what was approved in 2021.

According to the Treasury, this increase is due to higher tax revenues (326.9 billion pesos), an increase in oil revenues (115.6 billion pesos) due to the higher price of oil that compensates for the lower production.

Social programs, another priority

According to the PPEF, the social protection of the most marginalized people is another priority for 2022.

The government proposes for the social protection function an expenditure of 1,477.2 billion

pesos, 12.8% higher in real terms compared to the amount established in the PEF 2021 and which represents 28.2% of the programmable expenditure and 43.4% of the Social Development purpose.

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The Treasury highlights “the strengthening of the Program for the Wellbeing of Older Adults”, which will be the program to which more resources would be allocated with 238,014.7 million pesos; followed by Pension for people with disabilities with 18,037.5 million; girls and boys with 2,785.3 million and Youth Building the Future with 21,196.6 million pesos.

Priority projects

The federal government listed eight priority projects for 2022, to which 127,559.2 billion pesos will be allocated.

The work that will receive the most resources will be the Mayan Train, with 63,231.6 billion pesos.

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In 2021, the work in the Mexican southeast had an assigned budget of 36 thousand 287 million pesos so, in comparison, the figure expected for 2022 would be 74.2% higher.

Resources will also be granted to the development of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, the Mexico-Toluca Train, the extension of Line 1 of the Lechería – Jaltocan Suburban Train that will connect with the Felipe Ángeles International Airport, the Lago de Texcoco Ecological Park, the Los Pinos cultural center, hydraulic and communications works and transportation.

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