Government orders to remodel baseball stadium on AMLO’s land

After ensuring that it is deteriorated due to corrosion and lack of maintenance, the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (checked) will completely remodel the current baseball stadium Centenario 27 de Febrero, in Villahermosa tabasco, where they currently play Olmecs of Tabasco, both – the stadium and the ensemble – owned by the state government.

In the tender LO-015000999- E827-2021 it is detailed that along with the renovation of the stadium, it will also seek to remodel the Villahermosa Sports City, where this sports center is located, located in the president’s home state Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“The renovation of Parque de Beisbol Centenario 27 de Febrero, in Villahermosa, Tabasco, which is the headquarters of the Olmecas de Tabasco baseball team, calls for a total remodeling since, since the inauguration in 1964, almost 60 years ago, it has suffered maintenance and a deterioration very strong.

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“More than 50 years [de su construcción], it is important to rescue the public spaces in the immediate surroundings of the Parque Centenario 27 de Febrero stadium, since this space is the heart of the sports city and the main access to the entire complex ”, the justification indicates.

In addition, he argues for the remodeling that the Olmec baseball team is “a hotbed of players.”

“It is difficult for the team to make its operation economically viable. This property creates an attraction, both for the population of Villahermosa and for players of the Olmec baseball team from Tabasco, it is a hotbed of players and the activities within the sports field promote baseball from children ”, he highlights.

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The public tender The remodeling of the stadium contemplates not only the improvement of the sports and spectator facilities, but also ensures that it has an approach to integrate with the sports city as a whole, through an elevated public square and public space at the access to the stadium ” .

The decision of this tender will be given on June 30.

The remodeling of this stadium is in addition to the one that was given last January to the Palenque baseball stadium, Chiapas, where Las Guacamayas de Palenque play, whose founder and director is Pío López Obrador, brother of the President, and which will cost 89 million pesos.

This contract was awarded to the company Alz Construcciones, SA de CV, originally from Tuxtla Gutiérrez.

Corrosion and lack of maintenance

The Sedatu indicates that the stadium property has an area of ​​44,920.45 square meters, with an intervention area of ​​36,410 square meters, and where “the field will be protected to maintain the current state of the playing field and will be built a stadium with an area of ​​14,930 square meters.

The stadium, which once hosted the Tabasco banana trees, from Veracruz Winter League, with a capacity for approximately 8,200 people.

The Centenario 27 de Febrero stadium was inaugurated by the government in 1964.

Sedatu emphasizes that it is of “utmost importance” to give regular maintenance to the stadium structures, because due to the geographical location – below sea level – and the quality of the air, corrosion is very common in steel elements.

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“From the coves that were made we can conclude that there are many superficial cracks in concrete and others that reach the reinforcing steel, the most deteriorated due to weathering, corrosion and lack of maintenance.

“From the laboratory tests we can conclude that the concrete is within an acceptable range of resistance; However, when working in conjunction with a corrugated steel reinforcement which is deteriorated by the corrosion of the site and its useful life, the columns run the risk of structural failures, which can put the lives of people at risk, when presented accidental loads such as earthquakes and wind, or service loads ”, he says.

It details that even when there have been no dangerous structural failures, the roof structure presents “significant deterioration” in its elements, connections and fixing fields, both primary and secondary, said damages presented in the photograph must be repaired “urgently. ”To avoid possible loss of life in case of element failure.


“It is very important that the renovations that are made to the property are supported by calculation memory and structural plans, which allow to maintain the security of the property and therefore safeguard the lives of the occupants.”

The remodeling of the stadium, Sedatu points out, contemplates not only the improvement of the sports facilities and for spectators, it also has an approach to integrate with the group of Sport City, through an elevated public square and space at the access to the stadium.

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A floodplain will be created

The plan seeks to create an elevated plaza so that the user can view the game at all times, it also offers a space that is integrated with the newly remodeled Olympic stadium.

“The areas where the bullpen are [área donde los pitchers de reemplazo calientan antes de entrar a jugar] they are green slopes, which are integrated with the field and provide an informal seating area for people and on the side of the plaza creates a space for recreation ”. The criterion, Sedatu refers, is due to heavy flooding like those caused by rain last year.




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