Government joint safety inspection of traditional markets for safe Chuseok holiday |  Aju Economy

Government joint safety inspection of traditional markets for safe Chuseok holiday | Aju Economy

Holiday gift sales begin (Seoul = Yonhap News)

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security (Minister Lee Sang-min) conducted a joint government safety inspection (hereinafter referred to as ‘safety inspection’) for three days from September 15th to prevent disasters and safety accidents such as fires in traditional markets where the number of users is expected to increase rapidly due to the Chuseok holiday. He said he would.

This safety inspection was jointly conducted by related organizations such as the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, Ministry of SMEs and Startups, National Fire Agency, relevant local governments, Korea Electric and Gas Safety Corporation, and Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency, and was conducted by Seomun Market in Daegu, Jungang Market in Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Ganggyeong Market in Nonsan-si, Cheongho Market in Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do, and Yeosu City. A total of 7 traditional markets, such as fish markets, selected in consideration of past fire occurrence history or aging facilities, etc. are used as samples.

The main inspection items are △ whether defects such as damage, cracks, or water leaks occur in major structural parts, △ whether electrical facilities such as earth leakage breakers are operating normally, △ whether gas breakers and alarms are operating normally, △ the condition of fire-fighting facilities such as fire extinguishers and fire detectors, △ emergency exits. ·Conduct an inspection of the overall safety management status, including the maintenance status of fire compartments such as stairs.

As a result of the inspection, any deficiencies will be corrected immediately on site, and any issues that cannot be corrected immediately will be managed continuously until the risk factors are resolved, such as having the management entity supplement them as soon as possible before the Chuseok holiday.

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Meanwhile, since the 6th, local governments across the country have been conducting safety inspections jointly with related organizations such as the National Fire Service, Electricity, and Gas Safety Corporation on traditional markets under their jurisdiction. As a result of the self-inspection, vulnerable facilities that are at risk of fire outbreak are being immediately supplemented. there is.

In addition, Lee Han-kyung, head of the Disaster and Safety Management Headquarters, will visit the Daegu area on September 15 ahead of the Chuseok holiday to directly participate in the government joint safety inspection and visit a social welfare facility to provide comfort.

First, we visit the emergency reporting joint management center located in Dalseong-gun, Daegu, and inspect the joint operation linkage between emergency reporting agencies such as 112 and 119 and the situation room control status, and instruct thorough situation management during the holiday period. Afterwards, he visited Seomun Market in Daegu to inspect fire prevention measures and the status of safety management such as electricity, gas, fire, etc., and encouraged officials such as the local fire department and the market merchants’ association, providing them with fire extinguishers and power strips needed to replace old fire extinguishers and old wires. donate.

Daegu Seomun Market is a large market with a total of about 5,000 stores and about 40,000 daily visitors. If an accident occurs during the holiday season when the number of users increases, it can lead to serious damage to life and property, so thorough safety management is necessary.

Lastly, Director Lee plans to visit the Boeun Senior Nursing Home to tour the living facilities and outdoor yard of the elderly residents, listen to their difficulties, and deliver consolation goods such as fruit purchased at the traditional market.

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Lee Han-kyung, head of the Disaster and Safety Management Headquarters, said, “Ahead of Chuseok, the risk of fire increases in traditional markets due to increased product inventory and increased floating population, so thorough preparations are necessary.” He added, “The government is conducting thorough safety inspections to protect hometowns. “We will do our best to ensure that our citizens, including those returning home, can have a safe and prosperous holiday.”

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