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Scientists from Göttingen have gained important knowledge for the early detection of dementia. Molecules in the blood provide the decisive clue.

The researchers at the University Medical Center Göttingen are confident that simple blood tests can be developed to detect dementia early enough – before the disease even breaks out. “Because when symptoms of dementia become noticeable, the brain is already massively damaged,” said research group leader André Fischer to the NDR in Lower Saxony. At the moment, the diagnosis is often much too late for the disease to be treated effectively.


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Molecules as harbingers of dementia

The Göttingen researchers examined people, mice and cell cultures. In doing so, they detected molecules in the blood that could indicate impending dementia. Of those in whom the blood marker was greatly increased, around 90 percent developed dementia within two years. The molecules are therefore harbingers of a risk of dementia. The scientists hope that in the future it will be easy to discover these with a doctor’s quick test.

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