‘Gossip’ fight of high school students in Esenyurt

The female students had a head-to-head fight, and when the male students were included, things got messy. Male students tried to lynch a student. What happened was reflected on the mobile phone camera.

A “gossip” fight broke out between the students of a private school in Istanbul’s Esenyurt district.

First the female students got into each other, then the male students got involved in the fight.

There were also those who recorded these moments on their phone with a laugh.

They wanted to lynch

While the surrounding citizens had difficulty in separating the girls with haircuts, another group wanted to be lynched because the boyfriend of one of the girls who was beaten reacted to what happened.

High school students’ ‘gossip’ fight in Esenyurt VIDEO

He was able to record those moments

According to the news of İHA, the citizens who wanted to intervene again were successful this time and dispersed the group.

What happened in the fight that broke out after school yesterday was reflected on the camera second by second.

'Gossip' fight of high school students in Esenyurt #1

'Gossip' fight of high school students in Esenyurt #2



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