Gorka Etxeberria: «We have already seen the DNA of the team in the friendlies»

The revolution that the Txuribeltz parish had been demanding in recent campaigns has finally arrived this summer. The person in charge of leading it has been Gorka Etxeberria, forming a squad that combines veteran and youth. A mix in which they trust the Stadium Gal to give their chest in such a decisive campaign.

– Thirteen registrations, almost as many drops, change of coach … Did you have more work than you expected when you arrived?

– We have done what we planned. The idea since I landed was to give the whole club model a spin from the sports field. The goal was for both the coach and the players to respond to a certain pattern.

– What deficiencies did you detect?

– The first thing was that the pieces were from different puzzles. I think there were footballers to make teams of different styles. The most important thing was to define what we want and from there we have looked for the profiles and the right technician.

– And what is that style?

– It has several characteristics. The main one I would say is tactical aggressiveness. We want a modern team that works well with the ball, but goes forward. That causes situations. Less speculative. I have the conviction that this is a style that can hook the fans much more.

– Two aspects draw attention to the incorporations: the first is that they have increased the radius of action.

– We always have to have a broad core of Gipuzkoan player. Then we have determined what we would call a second ring, which would encompass the Basque Country and its surroundings. Between the two of us, we have 82% of the workforce. That has been sought and is premeditated. When we do not find what we want in these two areas, we open ourselves to the outside.

“We want a modern team, that causes situations and does not speculate, that is capable of hooking the fans”

– The second is youth. Isn’t it a double-edged sword to sign inexperienced players?

– The templates of the previous courses were made up of youth and veterans. I think the news is that we have signed the Middle Ages. Many of the new ones are between 25 and 30 years old. It seemed essential to me to get players who are in their golden age.

– At the Stadium Gal they have even had their own burofax. Has Telis’ contract termination been the big disappointment since you arrived?

– I was very sorry. I think it is difficult, even wanting, to get worse advice. Everyone has warned him but he has insisted on keeping around him that circle that guides him worse than ever.

– What did they say at the last meeting?

– I held out my hand once more. To help him in his career, almost on a personal level, but he has wanted to keep his entourage of advisers who lead him to the precipice.

– Returning to the team. What did you think of the preseason?

– The first thing I’ve seen is that we have DNA. Even the times that it has not carbured well, it was present. I already have feedback that the coach and the pieces fit perfectly. Logically, there are times when it works better or worse, but the team is tactically aggressive, pressuring and looks for the baseline with the ball. The energy it transmits is totally different.

– The last one goes to the happy Coronavirus. He will be aware of cancellations in the Asobal League, the ACB … Will Second B hold?

– I see it as a challenge. We cross our fingers so that there is not a great stop. We all have to be ready to adapt to small contingencies that we suffer along the way and to avoid them as they arise.



Jon Irazustabarrena. Goalkeeper. 34 years old. Usurbil


Iván Pérez. Defending. 27 years. Gasteiz


Gorka Kijera. Defending. 34 years. Hernani


Ekhi Senar. Defending. 30 years. Barañain


Mikel Azkoiti. Defense. 33 years old. Azkoitia


Jagoba Beobide. Midfielder. 33 years old. Azpeitia


Mario Capelete. Midfield player. 25 years. Irun


Sergio Llamas. Midfield player. 27 years. Gasteiz


Kun Temenuzhkov. Forward. 20 years. Lleida


Jorge Galán. Forward. 31 years. Pamplona


Javi martinez. Forward. 23 years. Pamplona


Fran Rivera. Midfield player. 20 years. Barbate


Moha Ramos. Goalkeeper. 20 years. Tenerife


Guille Donoso. Midfield player. 25 years. Gijon


Anatz Elizondo. Midfield player. 20 years .Errenteria


Quique Rivero. Midfield player. 28 years. Cabezón de la Sal


Aritz Borda. Defending. 35 years. Lasarte


Theo Lucbert. Defending. 22 years. Baiona


Ekhi Bravo. Defending. 23 years. Donostia


Gexan Elosegi. Defending. 21 years. Hernani


Borja Viguera Forward. 33 years. Logroño


Jon Madrazo Midfielder. 27 years. Ortuella


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